S. H.A.P.E. class

The goal for the class is to help you discover your unique design for ministry and commit to developing and using your God-given gifts and abilities in serving God and others through the church family.

You will learn the ten foundational truths about ministry.  You will learn the procedure for discovering your ministry, but most of the time will be spent on helping you to discover your unique SHAPE.  There are five things that determine your SHAPE.

  1. S- spiritual gifts: You will be taught about what spiritual gifts are and then you will learn how to discover your spiritual gifts and how they can be used in ministry.
  2. H – heart: Your heart determines why you say the things you do, why you feel the way you do and why you act the way you do.
  3. A- abilities: You will learn about the abilities God has given you and how to employ them in ministry.
  4. P- personality: You will explore how your personality will help determine your ministry.
  1. E- experiences: You will examine four types of experiences that can help determine your ministry:

This is an 8-10 week class.  There is no cost and every student will be provided with a fill-in-the-blank outline.

Please call our office to sign up at 724-981-9450.



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